Loading CSS and JS async in jQuery - Code snippet

Cast variable to enable autocomplete in NetBeans

Hello, this post is for my own reminder - I bet that in a week I forgot it ;)
I hope someone will find it helpfull too.

One of the most importand tool in any IDE is autocomplete.
You don't need to look in documentation to find method what you are exactly looking for. With autocomplete its extremely faster - well we all knew that.

But the problem in NetBeans comes when you get variable from some method and this variable starts to represent object. Like in this example:
$doc = new DOMDocument();
$form = $doc->getElementsById("myform");
$attr = $form->
So now you want do the magic with new DOMElement object inside $form variable.
You type $form->, hit Ctrl+Space... and NetBeans says 'No suggestions' - what a pity.

jQuery Treeview: Preopened child-node is invisible/hidden

jQuery Treeview is very nice lightweight and flexible transformation of an unordered list into an expandable and collapsable tree, great for unobtrusive navigation enhancements. Supports both location and cookie based persistence.

When I started using Treeview I found problem with pre-opening child nodes. While first level nodes are pre-opening just fine, the chidren of parent nodes do not shows up.

The problem is in prepareBranches function, where script hides all nodes which don't have 'open' class.
Yes, as you probably suspect it hides also parents of node which has this 'open' class.

jQuery Impromptu: How catch form data on submit using enter key event

Just quick post about jQuery Impromptu Extension which I made.

I'm using jQuery Impromptu as my popup/dialog/propmt tool and it's great.

But I run into huge problem with proper form submiting on enter key event.

Enter key event handling inside forms opened via the prompt are missing in jQuery Impromptu 3.1. So, after enter key hit, you could pass form data to submit function instead of page reload.

I had a situation where I had login and registration form on one prompt, and imagine what a problem was when you input your user name and pass, hit enter and...... and nothing happen.

My extension solve this problem. Read more about jQuery Impromptu Extension