jQuery Treeview: Preopened child-node is invisible/hidden

jQuery Treeview is very nice lightweight and flexible transformation of an unordered list into an expandable and collapsable tree, great for unobtrusive navigation enhancements. Supports both location and cookie based persistence.

When I started using Treeview I found problem with pre-opening child nodes. While first level nodes are pre-opening just fine, the chidren of parent nodes do not shows up.

The problem is in prepareBranches function, where script hides all nodes which don't have 'open' class.
Yes, as you probably suspect it hides also parents of node which has this 'open' class.

Here is the Treeview plugin official page: http://bassistance.de/jquery-plugins/jquery-plugin-treeview/
And here you find some nifty samples: http://jquery.bassistance.de/treeview/demo/

I made little modification of the function and problem is solved. And also, by coincidence it solved another problem whith wrong icon of pre-opened nodes.

Today I posted issue on Treeview's github about this.

Replication of issue:
<script src='jquery.treeview.js' type='text/javascript'></script>
<link rel='stylesheet' href='jquery.treeview.css' />

<script type='text/javascript'>
    $(function() {
            collapsed: true,
            unique: true,
<ul id='treeContainer' class='filetree'>
    <li><span class='folder'>GrandParent</span>
            <li><span class='folder'>Parent</span>
                    <li class='open'><span class='folder'>Pre-opened</span>
                            <li><span class='folder'>Pre-opened child 1</span></li>
                            <li><span class='folder'>Pre-opened child 2</span></li>
                    <li><span class='folder'>Pre-opened sibling</span></li>
In above situation the "Pre-opened" folder should be expanded, but it's not. Solution for me is modification of prepareBranches function:
prepareBranches: function(settings) {
    if (!settings.prerendered) {
        // mark last tree items
        // collapse whole tree, or only those marked as closed, anyway except those marked as open
        this.filter((settings.collapsed ? "" : "." + CLASSES.closed) + ":not(." + CLASSES.open + ")").find(">ul").hide();
        this.filter("." + CLASSES.open).parents().find(">ul").show();
    // return all items with sublists
    return this.filter(":has(>ul)");
Only change here is to add this line of code:
this.filter("." + CLASSES.open).parents().find(">ul").show();
This finds all parents of Pre-opened folder and simply unhide them. My solution by coincidence solves also bug described in this issue https://github.com/jzaefferer/jquery-treeview/issues/2

Please comment if you'll find it usefull ;)